Hailing from northeast Connecticut, power trio White Rose Confession is an eclectic mix of influences and musical flavors firmly rooted in a blues based hard rock style. Their sound is focused on lyrical content, strong melodies and diverse rhythms, ranging from the context of simple acoustic touches to full on heavy driving rock riffs! White Rose Confession was formed by Mike Lussier and Ato in the fall of 2003. Soon after, percussionist J-Shanks, joined the group and the lineup was complete. In demand, the band has been working steadily, releasing their first all original album, "Dreams Of Flight & The Mystery Of Death" in 2009, and their follow up album "Creatures", in 2014.

White Rose Confession is:
Ato - Axe/vocals          
J-Shanks - Percussion/vocals
Mike - Lead vocals/bass

As human beings we all, at some point in our lives, are searching to unlock and understand the mysteries that spring up and cry out from the hidden places within us...

who am I?
what am I doing here?
why was I put on this earth?
where am I going?...when will I know? that of a white rose, there's a beauty, a pureness in realizing one's own destiny ~ not denying it, but confirming it by confiding in another ~ and greater is the beauty when this confession of destiny is meted by the one with whom you have given your confidence ~This...kinosis, this white rose confession can liberate us from our denial and quicken us to a more creative, more productive existence and can make all the difference between a lackluster life and one of fulfillment.